Saturday 20 May 2017

A new scene

Yesterday was not the sunny day we expected. After the fog and mist it never really got above 5 degrees but the section that had cracked above camp came down to join us which was jolly exciting.

Our vista yesterday whilst the big flow happened
 The river rose by 3 feet very quickly but what had broken above just rafted up in front of our lodge.

In the kitchen Lucy, Iona and Donna created a mushroom feast as well as delicious sushi. Being catered for by 3 chefs is a real treat and they have really looked after us during some tough times this week.

Lower rooms are ready
This morning the river appears to be flowing and whilst we are confined to what we can see in front of us it appears the river is making it's move. Lets hope the same can be said all the way up river.

Appears to be flowing well
More detail tomorrow.

Jack Selby