Friday 19 May 2017

Hive of activity

This morning was very foggy early. It's now cleared and there is a gap to the far bank snow line. Nothing big but it has certainly made a visual difference.

This morning with 4" rise
Yesterday was sunny and at times warm which can only help. There was much activity from the Russian team, helicopters and fan boat yesterday. Each time the fan boat came through more ice was dislodged.

Heli activity was high yesterday
Our Russian partners varnished all the windows and doors which was a good job done whilst the sun was available to dry it.

Fan Boat visit
Below camp the ice looks to be thinning and a long thin flow of water has formed where ice, pushed under the main mass, has escaped.

Beginning to get thin below the camp
Bill and I think that the river has risen about 4 inches over night which will help push the chunks on down the river. More tomorrow.

Jack Selby