Monday 15 May 2017

Sunny Days

This morning is sunny. Yesterday was quite sunny too but still a little snow managed to fall none the less. It turns out sunny is not a great help as what melts in the day freezes hard by night. What we really need is hot sun by day and clouds by night to contain the heat. But we get what we are given sadly.

It's like star wars here
Sergey came to visit last night. He's an extremely nice guy and guides at Lower. However we got mixed up with a bad crowd and ended up drinking "whiskey" and eating extremely hot mustard. There was arm wrestling which of course I lost and no photos were allowed.

Sergey before the games began
Iona, Lucy and Donna created a delicious beef curry last night. We have been living well here but it was certainly a welcome sight to find a fridge bulging with fresh green veg and herbs yesterday. We have been on a high protein diet supplemented by a little chocolate and crisps for too long.

Fresh and green
Today we will have to head to the village again as whilst we now have a lot of potatoes we seem to be very short of tomatoes. That and it really helps to boost moral. The river is a little wider in front of the lodge today but a lot of the chunks that moved yesterday are now frozen up further down stream. It's certainly different but maybe not better than it was.

A little more open water
It's hard to describe how much like ground hog day this waiting game is but whilst the view is changing in front of us it's certainly not changing fast enough. I have been very fortunate enough to have fished in some lovely and varied places so to say I'm spoiled is an understatement, but here and now all I want is to be able to get a line out and at least swing a fly.

Iona ready to "make someone's day" with a snowball
Jack Selby