Wednesday 17 May 2017

Little by little

Yesterday was again sunny and it's making a noticeable difference to the landscape here. Many of the little streams are flowing again and the far bank is less and less white.

Snow is melting slowly
Some chunks of Ice have gathered at the bottom of the open stretch in front of the lodge. Today is cold and overcast but forecast is better in the next couple of days.

Deeper and softer behind the camp
Plans to get out of camp were thwarted by having no one who could actually drive us. We went instead for a walk to see the area behind the camp.

Beautifully sunny day
On our walk above camp we did see quite a substantial crack across the snow covered ice which is good news. We just have to assume there are many more of these all up through the river system.

Still and clear evening at the lodge
I'll keep an eye on the river and report any changes tomorrow.

Jack Selby