Friday 22 June 2018

End of an era

Last night, despite a 9 inch rise in the water here, the HMS Pizzed Up was carefully dismantled and put in position for it’s winter birth. Whilst we can still go fishing from the boats in the evening it won’t be quite the same.
Matt P with one of the two from the day
Yesterday the fishing was very slow as the river came up. Gordon M had a good size fish from Snake Pit and Jon P and Matt P had 2 each from the upper river. Whilst a rise in the river keeps us boating it does give the fish every chance to run and this reflected in our 5 fish for the day.
Caught and released
Up at Pana they had 10 fish for the day on account of sterling work from George S with 7. Matt took to the water with Guy R on the float trip and did not touch a thing showing that even seasoned professionals need a bit of luck when the fishing is tough. Over at Kitza they landed 11 fish for the day.
Jon P's second fish
The river has remained clear and is currently at 16 degrees so we are still fishing full floaters and long leaders with small doubles in size 8,10 and 12. The weather is still unpredictable with regular showers and cold winds. The most important things to have for next week are bug spray and a sense of humour. We’ve had a tremendous week for jokes and laughs despite very difficult fishing.
Matt P's second fish up river

Tomorrow we close Kitza and Pana and I am off to Murmansk to collect the last of the Middle clients. I will give a week round up on Sunday morning.

Jack Selby