Wednesday 20 June 2018

Thunder and Lightning

Yesterday was cooler and overcast. There was enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay most of the time. Here at middle we had a better day with 11 fish landed. Jon P had 2 before breakfast and lost a very good fish in the day. Caleb S had 3 from the upper river including a fish of about 12lbs.
Catch of the day

This morning Daniel B proclaimed that all the action he and James have had has been in the afternoon. This is almost certainly down to the fact they have not yet fished in the mornings.
Phil W with a lovely fish up river
Ian B had the catch of the day. He suddenly spotted the smaller camp dog swimming towards him and stripped in to try to avoid a disaster. He unfortunately hooked the dog in the process which proceeded to take 300 yards of backing and land itself on the top of the island where it unhooked itself and was safely released.
Pre-lunch snooze
Kitza had 18 yesterday, Francisco caught 5, with 2 from Beaver Pit, 2 from Rock Pool and one from Green Bank. Jose caught 4, 2 from Chopper Island one from Toms and the other in camp! Paul R had 6, 3 of which were from Old Dam, he also lost a fair number in there too. Pana landed 5 fish with Guy R landing 2.
Ivan releasing a fish from the boat
This morning we awoke to a massive thunder storm that seemed to rock the cabin. With it came fairly heavy rain though this has had the effect of cooling the river and a slight rise. Everyone this morning agreed that it was the largest and longest storm they’ve ever witnessed. Luckily it has blown through but the forecast is for more rain so we will see what happens today.
Sunset during evening fishing on the party boat
Late into the night last night we fished Party to no avail. Matt P, Jon P and Phil W were all upon the boat and we fished hard. As Daniel B pointed out there was a mist rising off the water and our chances were low but we had a jolly good time, a few beers and many laughs.

Jack Selby