Sunday 17 June 2018

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday when we got up for the helicopter there was not a breath of wind and not a cloud in the sky. A total reversal from the day before. The mosquitoes were out and about and the river was gently dropping. After Friday’s heavy up stream gales and over cast skies we now have a hot still blue sky day. The air temperature is up to 19 degrees already and the water up to 14 degrees. Almost everyone has opted for tiny flies, long leaders and full floating lines.

Karen C with a fish from Simmons

Steven H with another at Golden Hole

Friday at middle produced 7 fish with Brendon G getting 2 fish from Generator and 1 from Pasha’s. Karen C caught a lovely fish from Simmon’s. We totalled 84 for the week in cold and windy conditions. Kitza ended on 131 fish with 16 on Friday. Bryan P catching 3, 2 from Long Pool. Alan had 2 with one from Green Glide and one at beaver Pit. Paul B had 2 from Gold Mine. Richard G had 2 from Green Bank (very apt) and Josh C had 5 for the day with 2 at Chopper Island. Pana had a further 8 fish on Friday making 64 total for the week.
Steven H with yet another at Golden Hole

Charlie C at Peartiha

There was a fairly relaxed approach to fishing round the island last night with much red wine drunk by many rather than fishing generator. That said Jim S and Alan E had one each and Jon P had a fish from Bear and another offer. All three fish were fresh grilse and taken on small flies. George S had a fish up at Pana and so far no word from last night’s action on Kitza but it sounds like Ollie got stuck into a few in the morning.

Brendon G selfie king

Charlie C overtaking his father

Jack Selby