Tuesday 12 June 2018

Wet, wet and wet.

I awoke very early this morning to the sound of very heavy rain on the cabin roof. It proceeded to rain hard through the night and is this morning drifting between heavy showers and light rain. The air temperature is down but water temperature is still 11 degrees. Everyone has gone out despite the onslaught but the “lunch” will be at camp today for sure and I suspect quite drawn out.
Kevin C and Guide Sasha with a cracking fish
Yesterday was quite windy at times but relatively mild and after a disappointing morning a fair few fish were caught across the board with Jason S catching 4. Many of the fish were fresh and it seemed the short spell of action was timed from the bottom beats to the top and those in the right spot had a relatively busy spell. Will G had 3 for the day as did John G. I headed out to see Steven H and Chris S and take some photos. 2 fish jumped in front of me, then Chris hooked one which in turn caused another to jump. Sadly it did not hang on but I got a nice picture of the bent rod.
Simmons wading
Kitza had another great day with 35 fish landed. Richard G had 8 fish with 4 from Clay View, Brad had his first ever Salmon in Sasha’s followed shortly by his second. Mark L had 5 including a lovely 12lbs fish from Chopper Island. Joch C had a great morning with 3 from Sasha’s and 2 in Piddling Pool. Kitza are also reporting a deluge today and their first mosquitos. To be fair I had expected to see these much sooner but the cold weather I think has held them back. Pana had a mixed day with strong wind but they landed 17 with Charlie T getting 10 to his own rod.
Charlie C with a fish from up river
Brendon G with a selfie in Generator
Last night I took the younger members of the team out for a fish from the boat in Party. We anchored up with a few beers and fished out either side with an occasional 3rd rod fishing deeper. It was a nice evening as the wind dropped and Will G and I did some casting tuition. Once we got his shooting head working as it should he was zipping it out and hooked a fish towards the draw off the side of the gravel bar. My deeper line also managed to get a hook up and a few other knocks to boot. Being a shallow river there are not many deeper holes that can be fished this way but Party is still one.

Will G into a fish on Party bar from the party boat
Will G's reward for tweaking his casting
Between yesterday morning and supper last night the river had only dropped quarter of an inch and when I checked it this morning it had regained that quarter. I will keep an eye during the day but so long as the river does not colour a rise can only be a good thing. Not only stirring things up but meaning we can get about in the boats more easily over the coming weeks.

Jack Selby