Friday 15 June 2018

A better day

Yesterday saw better catches over all three camps. The weather remained largely mild here and the wind held off a fair bit. There was a cold shower just before lunch but the stiff upper lip came through and we had a great Peartiha picnic bathed in lovely sunshine. For some the morning had been good including Steven H who had 4 from Golden Hole. He then managed a 5th from Clarks despite it having been thoroughly fished in the morning.

Charlie C with a cracking grilse

There has been no particular pattern to what has been working other than “fly in the water”. Steven had his fish on a cone head snaelda and Kevin on a tiny little green bodied willie gunn double. Some are fishing intermediate tips and others are fishing full float with a poly leader.
Peter W putting the Scandi to good use

Will G yet again doing the business

The thing that has surprised me most this year has been the weather. At the beginning of week 3 it was shorts weather and now here we are still layered up and wrapped up against the cold and wind. Whilst today is better there is nothing to say it wont change and there is still a chill in the upstream wind.
Steven H with one of many
 Pana have reported the river has finally stabilised much like us. The river came up another 2 inches yesterday but has since lost a half inch. Up at Pana they had 9 fish for the day with 3 from the float for Charlie T. Graham T had 2 and Patrick H got one from Ponzoi. James J had 2 on the home beat and James P had one.
Ralph C up river
Over at Kitza they had had 15 on Wednesday and yesterday fortunes were up with 18 fish. However Ollie reported that the fishing actually felt less fruitful with less fish hooked and lost for those they caught. Bryan P and Richard G had one each from Clay View and Richard went on to land 4 from Shute and Spey Bank. Ian B had 2 from Gold Mine. Alan M had 3 from Boat Pool as did Mark L.
Kevin C with a splendid deep fish
There must have been something in the air last night as both Kitza and Middle had a Kitchen Party. Ollie’s team seem to have dressed him up as a girl and put lipstick on him. I look forward to seeing the pictures. Here the team looked a little jaded this morning but all went out with true grit and determination.
Only blog safe image from last night
For those heading out today layers and bug spray is the key and a flexible set up because what 2018 has proved is there is no predicting the weather, river or fish.

Jack Selby