Thursday 20 May 2010

Another glorious day

We woke up to much fresher temperatures and it felt as if the weather was turning but it has now burnt off and it is another superb day, it is around 18 degrees at the moment.

The building work continues and they have now finished the new veranda outside of our dining room.

New veranda at Lower Varzuga

“They” are Russian builders from Karelia, just north of St Petersburg and they are excellent carpenters and builders. With working hours of 8am to 8pm it is astonishing how much they get done.

Keith, our head mechanic , has been helping them but he has been busy preparing new engines to go up to Middle Varzuga with Garth and Donna who left after breakfast with their head guide Misha.

Keith - the man who can fix anything

After an excellent and very hot banya last night, I discovered that we had finished the day with 55 fish to the 5 rods with catches spread very evenly throughout all of the beats. I haven’t been out yet today but the radio in my office has been non-stop with the guides talking to each other comparing numbers and sizes of fish so it sounds as if this morning is being very productive.

Henry Giles with one of his fish from The Beach pool yesterday

I can see Antony B fishing Duck pool from my window and I have so far seen him land 2 fish as I have been typing this so I would imagine that lunch could be quite jolly – I had better go and put my waders on!

Charlie White