Tuesday 18 May 2010

More sun, even more fish

At the end of another hot day, the clients have just returned from the river and it is a good job we filled the fridge with cold beers as they are much in demand.

Fighting a fish at Jannaways

The end result

It has clearly been a very productive day across the whole beat with all poools producing fish and for those of you who know it, we caught fish from the Larder, Bear Island, Jannaways and the Beach. Some are still in the shower but quick chats with the guides reveal that we caught around 55-60 fish today to 5 rods. I am told that Brian finally cracked and had a cast for about an hour today, the result being 4 bright fish on the bank.

A happy Feoder - Head guide at Lower

Alan J and Michael H reported some bigger fish amongst their haul and all have said how hard the fish fought which may explain why there were as many fish lost today as there were landed.

Everyone is still using quite fast sinkers (Teeny 300) but have moved towards aluminium tubes as opposed to copper and I don't think it will be long before we start to find fish a bit higher in the water column but naturally if the weather turns a bit colder (no sign of it yet) that may slow the process down.

I spent the day talking with our Russian partner, Sviat Michaelovich, about the new building works that have been going on and below is the first picture of the new lodges he is building for us to use by next year. More on this as we know how it progresses as time can be quite elastic out here!

Charlie White

New building which is beside the heli pad