Monday 17 May 2010

A Trip to open up Kitza Camp

After seeing the clients off to fish (below),

we loaded the heli up in the village.

Had great views of the village and the iconic Varzuga church, to our South we could see the White Sea with a few ice bergs still visible.
The camp is clear of snow and Ura the Head Guide said that the river had broken on 8 May; the river was high but Ura reported it had now started to drop. Paula Erskine, in her third year cooking at Kitza, is joined by Tom Ledger as Manager.

The Kitza (below) seems high in the photos, however the last two years it has been higher at the start, and colder too. It was running clear with little dirt in it. Looks good.

The Varzuga dropped 4 inches last night and this morning was up to 8 degrees. It is still hot here (22 degrees at 2pm) but it doesn’t seem to be affecting the fishing. I only saw Henry Giles very briefly before he went down river for lunch but he had landed 2 fish this morning and had lost 3 more.

Charlie White