Wednesday 19 May 2010

Lunchtime update

We have just returned from lunch at Jannaways and it appears as if the whole beat is producing fish. I think we have had around 30 fish for the morning with everyone catching.

Henry Giles had 4 from Moskoi, all of which were around the 12lbs mark and his backing has had quite an outing in the past couple of hours. I spent time this morning with Alan J and Michael H and watched a fish practically spool Michael before being part of a long distance catch and release.

Pasha landing one of Michael H's at Duck pool

Pasha landing one of Alan J's from the top of Larder pool

It has been the most stunning morning and everyone is in shirtsleeves and sunglasses. We are still using sinkers but a few fish have been caught on floating lines with a heavy sink tip and tubes of around 1- 1 ½ inch have been the most successful.

Jesse stealing the glory

Garth and Donna are going up to Middle Varzuga tomorrow with two of their guides, Misha and Vova and they will be able to give me an update on water heights and temperatures from there. I wish we had had clients fishing it this week as I it would have been a bonanza. Given that no one fished it this week (the team let us down at the last minute) it is up for grabs for next year and do contact the office if you might be interested.

Less Jesse, more fish - a better picture??

I will try and post an update this evening when I have caught up with everyone but it might be later than usual as our mechanics, Keith and Dave, have lit the banya (the Russian sauna) and I am keen to go in there. It is not exactly the weather for a sauna but I can never resist it.

Charlie White