Friday 8 June 2012

Age proves no barrier to success

One of the great aspects of working out here and back in the office at Hungerford is that it provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet fascinating people from all walks of life and of all ages.

Many people stand out but Sir Gordon L must be in the top 10. At 92 he is not the youngest client we have ever had out here but nothing stops him and he fishes harder than most people 30 years younger than him. Yesterday morning at Pana was a case in point as he landed 12 fish for his morning session. His tally went towards an overall total of 82 for the day at Pana with fish being caught from the top to the bottom of the beat.

Bill Drury on Green Bank
At Lower Varzuga the bright conditions did not help matters hugely but it did lend itself to a superb picnic back at the lodge. We usually have lunch on the river bank but with such a nice day, we decided to get all of the kitchen staff involved and they provided us with a feast. It is extraordinary that despite a slightly later start in the morning than usual and a long lunch, we still managed to find time to land 35 fish with everyone on the score sheet. Everyone’s casting and fishing ability has been transformed and it has been excellent to see people fishing with increased confidence.

Our barbecue lunch yesterday
Kitza continues to fish very well and they had 50 fish to the 8 rods yesterday. Julian P was again top of the charts with 14 fish and George R had a cracking 12lbs fish from the Reel pool. Tom reports seeing fish all over the river which is pretty much the case for all of the camps and I will be sad to leave the river tomorrow when it is fishing like this.

Terry M on his first ever fly fishing trip
Middle Varzuga had yet another amazing day with the 10 rods landing 132 fish. Jim R had 15 in one session out of Simmons pool and Laurence L had 15 out of the prolific pool of the season which has been Party.  The fish are still pouring through and I think and hope that next week will be just as productive.

The camp at Lower last night
They caught more fish in the morning session than the afternoon which was similar to here but with a greyer day today I am hopeful that we will have one last superb day at Lower before we take the boats out of the water to put them away for the long winter.

Charlie White