Wednesday 6 June 2012

More personal milestones

The weather yesterday was exactly what you would hope for on any fishing day – overcast, a light drizzle and very little wind. A day to improve your casting for sure but it also proved to be a day for catching a lot of fish.

Jenny C with one of 8 she landed yesterday
At Lower Varzuga, Jenny C landed 8 fish for her day which is the most she has ever landed. Andy B continues to impress and had 11 to his rod whilst Terry H went from landing his first ever salmon on Sunday to landing his biggest fish of around 12lbs. Eoin and Bill also picked up a rod yesterday for an hour or so and showed all of us how it should be done within a short space of time and we finished the day with 60 fish in the book. Dinner was delicious and great fun with smiles all around the table.

Eoin Fairgrieve during a rare "off duty" moment
At Pana they did have another record day as we had hoped they might. Jack M had 26 for his day whilst Dick B landed a further 19 to go towards a total of 106 fish to the 8 rods. Phenomenal fishing which is as we had dared to hope for given the amount of fish we have seen all season in the lower beats.

Terry H with a good fish from the boat
The team at Middle Varzuga continues to land a staggering amount of fish and the 10 rods had 167 silver bullets for their day. Hugo M and Rob M were fishing Party pool in the morning and Beach pool in the afternoon which sounded promising in the morning but no one would have dared predicted that they would land 27 and 26 fish respectively for their day. I am going up there for lunch today and it will be very good to catch up with them all.

Kitza is fishing beautifully and the 8 rods there had 58 fish for their day. David P and Julian P were the days top rods with 14 and 13 fish but everyone had several fish during the morning and afternoon sessions.

Andy B and one of his 11 for the day
Stephen W and Henry G went out this morning before breakfast and had 2 fish apiece whilst seeing a lot of fish showing all the way down the home pool here and there is every chance that today will be as good as yesterday as we have similar weather and an increasingly able team.

Charlie White