Saturday 9 June 2012

The Ultimate Atlantic Salmon Fishing Course

My last blog of the season seems to have come around far too quickly. I am about to depart for Murmansk and Christopher Robinson will be running the remainder of the programme from Middle Varzuga. We will have three camps running for the next fortnight and the prospects look excellent.

We have had an amazing season so far with many long standing records broken. I am conscious that big numbers of landed salmon make it sound as though catching fish on the Varzuga is easy – anyone who has fished here will dispute that with vigour. The difference is that we do have a river that has a serious run of salmon and if you put in the hours and fish well, you will be rewarded. Very rarely do people catch fish on bad casts and even rarer is someone who has landed a lot of fish for their week without substantial skill and dedication.
Terry M with another cracker for his week
Our final week here at Lower has been an enormous success. Bill Drury and Eoin Fairgrieve have both worked incredibly hard to ensure that their team have all progressed with their casting and their fishing ability. Some have landed their first ever salmon, some have cast their first ever fly and some have simply improved their casting from an already strong platform. What has been uniform has been the very high level of enjoyment and satisfaction that everyone has taken from it.
Howard E on Bear Corner
We have averaged over 30 fish per rod for the week and there is no other casting course in the world that can come even close to that. We will be running exactly the same programme next year and if you do think that you would like to improve your fishing whilst having the chance of landing a lot of fish then please do register your interest at the earliest opportunity with Bill, Eoin or myself.

All of the camps have fished beautifully this week and the river is itself looking stunning. Everything is very green and the flowers are in full bud – when the sun shines and people’s rods are bent into fish it really is hard to think of anywhere finer.

Jenny C at midnight last night with a fish on a skated fly
A personal thank you to all of the staff here who have worked so hard to make everything such a success and to our Russian partners and friends who I look forward to seeing every year and without whom none of this would be possible. Dasvedanya!

Charlie White