Thursday 7 June 2012

A trip to Pana

I went to Pana yesterday to take some supplies and to see how the river was looking. The clients were having a picnic lunch down river but I was there long enough to see that the camp pool was alive with fish and it was hard to look at the river for any length of time without seeing one jump. The 8 rods up there had 94 for their day and they are going to break all of their records for the week. Barrie W had a 21lbs fish which is the biggest that he has had from Pana in all the years he has been coming whilst Christopher L and Keith H had a bonanza day of 16 apiece.

Hippo Rock is now almost part of the bank
After we landed back here at Lower, Christopher and I got in a boat and went up to Middle for dinner which turned out to be a very good idea as Jemima cooked us a delicious dinner and all of the clients there were in excellent spirits. The fishing has been nothing short of extraordinary all season and it shows no sign of stopping at the moment. 156 fish were landed to the 10 rods with Laurence L doing particularly well and he has already landed over 100 fish to his own rod for the week. All of the clients remarked on the size of the fish and it is clear that wherever they have been feeding they have done exceptionally well as they are all in perfect shape and fight like things possessed.

Philip W with one of 13 he had for his day
We got back to Lower at about midnight to find a serious party in full swing. Everyone here was celebrating yet another amazing day as they had finished with 69 fish for their group. Steve W and Jenny C had a day to remember with 13 and 10 respectively whilst Howard E landed 6 out of the Larder pool for his morning session. With fish being landed across all the beats it was great to see everyone swapping stories and laughing and joking long into the night.

The midnight light at Middle
Kitza is also fishing incredibly well and the 8 rods had 57 for their day with Malcolm K and Julian P leading the charge with 12 fish each . It was a bit of a struggle to hear Tom this morning as he tried to tell me the full story of almost every fish that was landed but suffice to say that I gathered that they were having an excellent time.

Greg K with one safely in the net
It seems entirely wrong that we should be closing this camp tomorrow evening as the fish are still running through here in huge numbers but it does bode very well for the rest of the season in the other camps. However, it is very bright today which might not be the best for the fishing but at least it almost certainly explains why most of the clients felt the need for sunglasses at breakfast this morning…

Charlie White