Tuesday 5 June 2012

Another day in paradise

When the weather is good, our daily routine is to take Maryke and the lunch out to the river and set it up before the clients arrive. At 1pm yesterday, all of the boats converged near our picnic spot and before I could ask how their morning had been, Eoin simply beamed at me and said “another day in paradise”

Terry M with a fish from Moscoi Rapids
It transpired that he had been with Terry M for the morning session and he had landed another fish to add to his growing total. The encouraging aspect was that they were at the bottom of our beat and reported seeing masses of fresh fish entering the system which indicates that the run of fish continues in its strength. We finished the day with 43 fish and it was great to see the casting and fishing confidence improve in all the rods as Bill and Eoin rotated around the beat.

Jenny C with one from Bear Corner
At Kitza they are dealing in round numbers and the 8 rods had 50 fish for their day. Bill O-Y was the top rod with 14 for his day but otherwise the catches were evenly spread. Their water temperature is now 10 degrees and it is dropping all the while which will help open up yet more of the beat.

At Middle the fishing continues to amaze and the 10 rods had 126 fish for their day. Laurence L had a superb afternoon on Party pool (which has fished incredibly well all year) and he landed 18 fish in about 4 hours. Many of the rods are repeat guests and they have all commented on the sheer strength of the fish this year.

Sam B who landed 8 yesterday
It is raining heavily this morning which sometimes affects the clarity of reception on our radios. As a result I could not totally hear Mungo but from what I could gather, the team of 8 rods at Pana had an excellent day. They landed 80 fish with Dick B leading the way with 22 to his own rod.  This is the highest number of fish this very experienced group have ever had in a day and it is the best day of the season at Pana so far but that is unlikely to remain the case for too long.

Glenn, on the left, with his first ever salmon
Christopher Robinson took a boat up to Middle Varzuga yesterday with Glenn, our mechanic. They were there to fix an engine but it soon became clear from the grin on Glenn’s face that they had spent the return journey having much more fun and his first ever salmon has been celebrated in style.

Maryke at 11pm last night
Not content with guiding Glenn to his first ever salmon, Christopher took Maryke out for an hours fishing after dinner and she also landed her first fish. Breakfast this morning was a quieter affair but there is a definite sense of achievement in the air from clients and staff alike.

Charlie White