Monday 4 June 2012

First fish and many more

As we had slightly hoped and expected, having Bill and Eoin with us here at Lower has already paid dividends. The strong upstream wind of the morning remained a feature of the day but with expert tuition, the clients were soon casting beautifully.

Terry M was the first story of the day as he went with Bill to Bear Island and after a few pointers, landed his first ever salmon. He went on to land 2 more to give him a dream start to his fishing career. Not all of our rods are beginners and this was amply demonstrated by Stephen W who has already landed 17 fish to his rod. We finished with 67 to our 9 rods and the week could not have started in a stronger fashion.

Stephen W with a nice fish from the Larder pool
Kitza is really fishing very well now and the 8 rods there had 46 for their day with David P the top rod having landed 15 fish. They had a couple of good sized fish of around the 13-14lbs mark from Beaver Pit and Sasha’s pool and it appears as though there are fish all through the beat.

Jenny C in to one on Bear Island
Middle Varzuga shows no sign of slowing down and the 10 rods have had 156 bars of silver already. Phillip W and Nick M had the day of their lives on Clarkes and Party pools and landed 54 fish between them during the guided hours.  They have caught fish all along their stretch of river and with water levels remaining at an excellent level, all of the pools are in the rotation which gives them a huge area to cover and being only 10 rods gives them even more flexibility which they are making the most of.

A dangerously good pudding last night
At Pana the 8 rods had a great start to their week with 48 fish in the book. Dick B and Jack M were the top rods with 10 apiece and Mungo reported seeing more and more fish in all of their beats. As ever at Pana, they are catching some bigger fish and a 15lber was the best that they had yesterday.
Summer is definitely here now and floating lines are the favoured choice. Christopher Robinson took 2 of our rods out in the boat last night and they raised 10 fish to a skated fly in about an hour and the Sunray Shadow is beginning to find its way to the top of everyone’s fly boxes. 

Barry H with a fresh fish from Duck pool
A new day has bought no change to the weather as it is very bright and the strong upstream wind will put the odds in the fish's favour but we have everything else going our way and the team here are determined to make the best of it.

Charlie White