Monday 27 June 2016

A very good and early start

After a very good early morning yesterday we had a slightly slower day. Donna and I joined the team at lunch and there were a few fish for the morning. Dominic M had two (he suggested it was team effort - like a true gentleman) and Paul R had landed one. Things were looking good and the weather remained overcast allowing the river to cool back down. However the afternoon was a little slow. After fishing Paul R and Gordon B went out before supper and Paul had a knock whilst I was with him.

Early morning rewards

This morning a handful went out early (3am) and were rewarded so it seems the morning is the better time to be out. Ian B seems to be the reliable man so far and I will join him after lunch to get some good pics if he gets into some fish this afternoon.

Well earned bank lunch

We were almost over run by sea eagles yesterday. Penry A was up river with his fancy lens but much like me by the time he'd got everything switched on and his big lens in place it was too late. I have some snaps but you really need to zoom in to see anything.

Brie added ready for melting

Donna did an amazing supper for us as always and joined us also. We had a fairly tame exploration of the Vodka with a few clients but understandable when so many are up so early to fish.

Maybe chute chute?

There is no magic formula this week and some our being caught on sunk line and a heavy little tube fly and others on the hitch or a 1" cascade close to the surface. We totaled 11 fish for the day in the end.

Jack Selby