Sunday 26 June 2016

Up the tempo

Yesterday was an early start to fly to Murmansk. The team here at middle had finished with a good last day with 10 fish landed with Hugh finishing on a high with 3 to his rod. The team finished up with 53 fish total and all seemed very jolly despite tougher than average fishing. I fear I will simply be repeating myself but it was sad to say good bye to them all at the airport. We had a really good time together and they really joined into the spirit of camp life. For many of the team this was their one trip of the year and to find fishing harder this time did not deter any from fishing hard and keeping the focus.

Hugh S with a lovely fish

Pana also had a good last day picking up 11 fish with Guy R landing 3. Kitza landed 6 and we all met up in the airport yesterday. Pana looked like they had enjoyed quite a party but did not look to be enjoying the early start. For Pana and Kitza staff this is goodbye. Ollie has gone home to prepare for fatherhood and Toby has gone out to Yokanga to look after the lodge there. Good luck to both.

Hugh S also our most reliable photographer

Thus, now on our own, middle camp has a new batch of fishers and resumed enthusiasm. Whether it is this enthusiasm or the cold overcast morning we have woken to but we had 5 fish on the bank before breakfast. Everyone has gone out heartened by this and focused for the day ahead. We are running a book on the number of fish by midnight tonight.

Into a fish up river

One from the boat

In other news we had a brown visitor to camp last week. The picture is poorly focused but you can see him. Neal had gone for a trot round the island and managed to come upon him on his way back. I don't know who was more surprised but the bear made tracks fast.

Brown visitor

Jack Selby