Friday 1 July 2016

One per day

Another scorching day and the fishing was again really slow. Gordon B got one before breakfast as per this morning's blog. However Ian B, the man with at least a fish a day, managed to land a nice Salmon on a home tied Red Ali's making a complete week of fish. A very happy man. He also managed to lose another. A fishy pair of brothers.

Winter care taker's island home

This evening we packed up our kit and the boats and tomorrow we head home on the early morning helicopter. With the searing heat and low water it has been a tough week for a few but everyone has shown stalwart determination. A solid team of dedicated fishers head home with us tomorrow for a well earned rest.

Prawn Cocktail - Classic

We also waved goodbye to Ura and Ivan (Guides) as well as Jena and Rick (Dachshund) who are paddling back down to the village with a couple of beers and a couple of the camp boats. I did ask if they might fish on the way down but Ivan just asked "where are the fish?" A sad but today valid observation.

Wild Roses still in bloom

The camp is currently extremely beautiful and full of colour. It seems a shame to be leaving but Iceland is calling and it's time to head home.

A quick tow from Vova to faster water

Jack Selby