Wednesday 29 June 2016

What a beaut of a day

At lunchtime yesterday we had 1 fish (as far as we knew) from before breakfast and none of the lower rods had touched a fish. As I sat with Oli in the scorching sun we lamented the fact and worried about the chances of more than 5 fish for the day. How little we knew.

Safely in the net

We ended up on 12 fish; Julian S with 4 fish and Paul R with 4 also. Ian B and Gordon B held up their impeccable record up river and early morning. Penry A put his first score on the board and here is where I am breaking my own code. I have always thought the pictures on the blog need to represent the scenery, wildlife, camp life as well as grip and grin but this is a special exception.

That is a very serious fish

At lunchtime Penry told me his guide Ura was determined that their fly boxes contained nothing small enough. I dished out some of my rarely touched Iceland doubles but with the weather as was it was likely to be the morning before they really came in handy.

Safely released by Penry A

Down at Party Penry hooked into a fish with a Green Metalica and Ura and Pat A came to help with the battle. They netted the monster you see in these images and for the pure delight in Penry A's face I am only including fish pictures today... Well and one hand shake!

Happy client - Happy guide

Jack Selby