Tuesday 28 June 2016

Every possible option

Yesterday started out hot after such a nice cool overcast Sunday. Blue skies, limited cloud cover and little breeze. Luckily several of the team had an early start and took fish before breakfast. Both Ivan T and Ken T got a fish during the day which just proves determination and persistence pays off even is scorching conditions.

Paul R having a cast at lunch

Paul R has probably tried every combination of line but there is not one thing that makes it happen. Popular flies for the sun are yellows and golds with a little black. However Gordon B picked up a fish on an Orange Ali so again nothing is set in stone this week. We ended the day on 8 and no one went out after supper.

Gordon B's guide releases a very nice fish

There seems to be an explosion of dragon flies this week which is a welcome distraction from the more bitey bugs. Equally a number of butterflies showed up at lunchtime yesterday. I had really expected to find the wild flowers over as I arrived as this is always the case in Iceland but being that little bit earlier they keep coming out with renewed gusto. Everything is really verdant and whilst it's rare to photograph a fish it makes for lovely images of the river.

Super hot wildlife action

It's slightly strange to think that we are now all alone out here. Natural instinct is to wait by the phones twice a day in case Pana or Kitza need to raise us but the call does not come. Stranger still is that in a handful of days we will no longer be here and the fish will be left to do their own thing for another year.

Jack Selby