Wednesday 22 June 2016

Birthday Party

As I type the sun is here once again. Yesterday tried it's hardest to cloud over but burned off and was very sunny. Up river seemed to be the place to be for middle. Having said that Pana really struggled with only one fsh for Guy R from honey pot. Kitza landed 7 respectable fish considering the conditions.

Delicious Curry

Down here at middle we continued to pick away with 8 fish landed and fewer fish lost. Weather may have been a big factor but without doubt it's not alive with fish this year. If this was Iceland I would be urging people to book for next year as lightening rarely strikes twice. Oddly we saw quite a few fish jump in the morning before the sun really got strong and all appeared to be fresh. Unfortunately I seem to be the kiss of death for clients to catch fish and so yet again I have a camera full of images of casting, lunch and guides.

Meet Rick

Last night in camp we worked out that Donna could easily be bringing lunch up river so today we are going to mobilise and get back to traditional lunches. I will at least be there in body but I think the spirit was killed whilst I attended Natasha's birthday party last night. I had assumed she was 23 but turns out we are the same age and the years have been a lot less kind to me. Luckily they were not really drinking and it seems I have just done a number on myself but have won some favour with the home team for trying...

Vova - Wonder Guide

Jack Selby