Tuesday 21 June 2016

Up to the Hitch

Yesterday heralded a stark change in the weather. Bright sunshine from lunchtime certainly slowed the afternoon for most. James F however came close to a bonanza with 2 fish lost conventionally in the morning and 1 landed for 5 on in the afternoon fishing a hitch.

Homeward bound

Pana had good fortunes with 12 fish including 3 fresh fish and down at Kitza 7 fish were landed including 3 for Ed B. We totalled 10 with another notable pike which did not make the kitchen unusually.

Delicious risotto al la Donna

After supper I attempted to take a team back out on the river but there were no takers. I soon saw they were wise as the still night brought out the Mosquitoes. Oli battled on whilst I wimped out to my pit.

Might be only me that's excited about the abundance of up winged flies.

Jack Selby