Monday 20 June 2016

K9s in Camp

Our first day went well. The team were rained on pretty much all day. Added to the fact that a lot of people took an early bath/swim; camp was fairly buoyant last night. The Banya was fired up which most people took full advantage off. The Scottish contingent started a Vodka night movement that carried on until the early hours and everyone left camp this morning feeling a shade worse for wear.

Fishing the inside line

Yesterday I set out to the top of the beats on foot. Apart from a few spots the river is really easy to trot along at this height. It was very evident that the bulk of fish were higher up river which was slightly borne out by catches. Hugh S had one up at the top but an early finish due to a swim. Tim S and Richard D had a lovely day with Tim landing 3. James F caught 2 fish of which one was fresh and 30 inches long. Great that fish are still trickling in fresh.

Rooster Tail

Pana landed 5 on arrival day and then 5 yesterday with everyone getting the skunk gone already. Whilst not epic fishing they are close to level pegging with us. Kitza landed 6 fish with three to Jose FM.

Picnic time!

Camp life this morning seems busy (maybe because of last nights Vodka) but luckily the camp "bear" dogs are taking it easy. It's lovely to have them in camp and they are jolly friendly and keen for an ear scratch. Oddly though they often bark at me so perhaps to them I resemble a bear!


Jack Selby