Thursday 23 June 2016

Reel Deep

Whilst wading deep, John C hooked a fish that took off for the nearest obstacle. In trying to free his line from round the rock his reel came detached from the rod and plunged into about 3 foot of water. Unflustered John continued to play the fish with just the line whilst Vovo fished around with the net eventually reuniting the rod and reel and landing the fish. Great team work. The upper most beat landed 3 fish and they lost a fourth. Hugh S also had a notable day with 3 fish to his own rod.

Hugh S with another fine fish

After Pana's healthy 12 their fortunes have been less favourable with 2 fish yesterday added to the book. Kitza also landed 2 fish yesterday. We at Middle Camp managed to total 8 fish with the bulk of fish caught either first thing or as the cloud rolled in about 3pm. Interestingly whilst hitching has produced some interest and small silver hooked yellow and gold flies seem to be showing well in the sunny weather a few fish have been taken on a sunk line in the deeper water also.

A great fish for Hugh S

Donna's bank side lunch was a roaring success and delicious to boot. We mitigated the bugs with a nice roaring fire. Everyone had a steady snooze on the rocks before returning to battle with the river.

Donna's Bank Lunch

Morale is high despite unexpectedly tough results. Last night James F braved it for a cast post supper but whilst a few fish jumped off the point of the island nothing snatched his fly sadly.

The bottom of Bears at "Sunlow"

Jack Selby