Friday 24 June 2016

Sudden change in the weather

Yesterday proved again that it's not just the upper beats where the fish are willing to take the fly. Richard D and Tim S took fish just above camp including a large cock fish from Simmon's. Up river Neal S and Lloyd G had a fish each. One first thing and one at 10 minutes to 6 pm. Peter D and James F also had one a piece for the day.

Tim S's big fish from Simmon's

Last night during supper there was a very marked change in the weather with a sharp drop in temperature and some relatively stiff up stream wind. This has certainly produced a new hope for today and was a likely factor in the party ending quite abruptly last night.

 Lloyd G with one to the net

Neal S's fish carefully netted

Down at Kitza they landed a respectable 8 with, as is the norm, the bulk of fish being landed by Jose FM. In fact 6 of the 8. He's clearly doing something right. Pana had terribly hot sun during the day and decided to have a long lunch and fish later so no accurate score yet but they had 5 by lunch. I hope the warm water and sudden drop in temperature did not hamper their plans.

A little tying

Jack Selby