Sunday 19 June 2016

Week Ending

This last week has been tough on the river with catches steadily dropping off. However, if the numbers for Middle camp are looked at, we find that 12 rods caught 140 fish. This is not even close to what we normally expect but still an almost 12 fish average for the week is respectable fishing for Atlantic Salmon and it was with a heavy heart we said goodbye to the out going team.

Restful bank picnic

Life in camp has been good this week and whilst we always look forward to meeting new groups it's always great by the end of the week when everyone has really got to know each other and become part of the family. The river remains navigable by boat and the fishing in general seems to have been better further up. Today is a new day and yesterdays downpours may well have freshened things up and moved a few fish here and there. We await today's results with bated breath.

Grappling time

Heading out on Saturday morning all went smoothly with quick helicopter transfers. Murmansk was positively balmy with many new and returning clients over dressed for the occasion. A few obligatory drinks in the bar and out to the Helicopters with a positive outlook. On arrival to middle everyone quickly tackled up and had a pre-supper cast. With an upstream wind and intermittent downpours everyone was happy to come in for  Donna's delicious supper and James F at least had shaken hands with a fish, however briefly.

Dam Busters' return

Down at Kitza Jose FM caught the first fish of his week on his very first cast. Moreover it was reportedly a good fish in the 8-10 lbs class. What a great way to start. Let's hope things keep up at that level.

Heading out to MMK in style

Oliver Shuldham