Sunday 18 June 2017

A lovely start

Last week had ups and downs. Whilst Kitza and more over Pana increased catches steadily throughout the week Middle had a consistent run of it until the last day when only 8 were caught. Middle finished their week on a respectable 155 fish whilst Pana caught 83 and Kitza 54. Nothing spectacular but everyone had fish and certainly everyone had a good time. I think maybe Pana had rather too good a time, they all looked pretty green on the Helicopter on Saturday morning.

Last weeks Kitza team enjoying the sun
Last night started well for us with Paul R teasing a lovely fresh fish out of Heli pool pretty soon into the evening. It was like the start of a wader clad race as everyone took to the water extraordinarily quickly after we landed. It was a lovely evening but no more fish came to the bank.

Paul R's fish from Heli
Over at middle they had a strong start and there were 18 fish ion the book before breakfast this morning. Last night Geoff and Finlay F had fish as well as Craig C who is already on 10 with 4 added first thing this morning.

Paul R into his fish
Pana started well also with 6 fish up to breakfast and the water dropping into fine condition. The team were certainly jolly excited on the way in and I am glad they are taking advantage of the conditions.

Angel HR putting in the hours
Today is warm and but a little overcast. Both Paul R and Gordon B out early but the fish did not want to play the game sadly. It was a little cold last night and the water temperature had dropped to 7 degrees again this morning. However to look back about a week we would have given an arm for 7 degrees. Hopefully we will see another push of fresh fish like we had on Friday. Yesterday was Viktor’s Birthday and was not exactly quiet in camp. I think everyone is a little jaded today but luckily the clients are bright eyed and bushy tailed so should bring back some fish.

Jack Selby