Monday 19 June 2017

Kitza wakes up

Yesterday we saw what Kitza is about. With the river still dropping and pools really starting to show their features the river produced fish all through the beats. We landed 20 fish for the day although we ended the fishing day on 19, Angel  HR bounced us over the line in Heli before supper.

Paul R's largest fish
Unfortunately the fish were not completely divided equally across the rods with 2 people still yet to catch. Consequently 8 of the fish were caught by Paul R. It’s not been very easy to put all fish pictures on the blog this season so far but today I actually can. He had a coupe of really cracking fish and all shiny bright. The only drawback with Paul catching so many is trying to remember what they are all called. He names each fish.

Another fresh one
Pana also shared a similar fate with 34 fish for the day. It’s nice to know there are fish arriving up there now and with properly fishable water they can be caught. Matt as camp manager has had a tough few weeks but at least now he should have a sense of what Pana is all about.

Deep shoulders
After a strong start to the morning for Craig C at middle things did not really materialise as expected. They landed 34 fish including a lovely post supper fish for Findlay F at bears.

Ready to return safely
Today it has begun to rain and Kitza has come up a little this morning. Hopefully all the snow melt has washed any rubbish and earth in already so we wont see the river colour too much. Middle were still dropping but I think it takes a lot of rain to make a difference there. Non the less our team were out to their beats quick smart this morning and are raring to go.

Jack Selby