Tuesday 20 June 2017

Heavy rain

Despite heavy rain early yesterday morning and then showers all day we had a pretty good day at Kitza yesterday. George L caught his first Atlantic Salmon, James D had four for the day and lost a further four. The river has risen by about 3.5 inches and this certainly made some spots tricky to wade again. That being said all beats produced fish and we ended the day on 15 fish.

Paul R at Spey bank
Over at Middle camp they had a reasonable start to the morning but quite a few clients decided to hang out at the camp after lunch meaning the afternoon did not produce the goods. Toby and Craig C went up to Bears in the afternoon and had three fish so the fish were there but not many fisherman. They ended up on 22 for the day. The river has risen little at Middle despite the rain.

James D with a lovely fish
 Pana on the other hand has a rising river like Kitza. Despite this they landed 30 fish for the day. The information from Pana was a little lacking last night because the team were much more interested in getting the Lions score and the cricket. Today the focus is on the forecast which seems to be changing it’s mind a lot.

George L making friends with his first Atlantic Salmon
This morning it is raining gently but overnight it rained very hard indeed. Consequently a lot of the bank at clay view is in the river so we have about 25% of the true right bank coloured up. Non the less with a bit of persuasion everyone headed out on the river to face the day. I think we will still see a few fresh fish landed today.

Paul R's taken on this morning's conditions
Jack Selby