Wednesday 21 June 2017

Up up up

Today the river is up. Maybe only 8 inches but it’s certainly up. My marker is once again in deep water in the main flow. Despite a rising river we had good fishing yesterday with 8 fish landed but Paul R carelessly lost 6 in a row in the afternoon right at the net. And James D also failed to complete on several connections.

Sergei ready to net
 Pana caught 34 fish with Jonathan catching 10 fish for the day. 9 of which were from the Pana/Indel junction pool. The river is rising on a par with us but still the fish don’t seem to have been told this and continue to take the fly.

Richard G with a fine specimen
Middle had 23 fish for the day with strong catches from Craig C and also James F who landed 3 in quick succession in the afternoon. Middle had not risen like we had to begin with but the rise has finally made it to them and they are up about a foot.

Another fine fish ready to return
Whilst today the air temperature is a balmy 8 degrees yesterday started at 5 degrees and added to rain and a downstream breeze really felt cold. Middle had some snow even last night. We have a brighter outlook today with the sun sneaking through the clouds whilst middle has drizzle and heavy cloud. It’s amazing what a difference there is between the two camps.

Viktor wears GoreTex's spring collection
We had a small party for Lucy’s birthday yesterday which culminated in my offering to cook breakfast this morning. With help from James D we managed to bring it all together and Gordon B admitted my porridge was” the best I have ever made”. Not tricky as it’s the first time I have made porridge but everyone seemed happy. Now in the kitchen I am no longer big boss number 3 but sous chef.

Jack Selby