Thursday 22 June 2017

Brighter outlook

Yesterday was a good day here at Kitza. Some of the party headed out with the expectation of a bonanza after it was clear there were numbers of Grilse running in. Interestingly we once again mainly caught bigger fish in the 6-8lbs class. Paul R still heads the leader board with another 6 fish for his account. What seems staggering is the quality of these fresh bright fish and the fight they offer is way above their pay grade.

Bright beautiful fish
Over at Middle they had rain in the morning whilst we were bathed in sun. However the afternoon brightened and they then caught more fish. They landed 27 for the day with 11 fish to Craig C. Many of the rods took to the water at midnight to celebrate summer solstice and enjoy the “sunset”.

Paul R's infamous hat
Pana had a slightly tougher day on the back of the rising river landing 22 fish. Of these 11 were landed by George S. The D of M managed his first fish of the week at midnight last night. Let’s hope it will spur him on to fish hard for the last two days.

James D's lovely fish
Today we were forecast great rains. This information was gleaned from the internet and as we know the internet never lies. Paul R and Gordon B made a pact last night to go out at 5:30 if it was not raining. Paul R admitted at breakfast that he was secretly a bit disappointed to find it clear and quite mild. We can let him off as he is doing 2 weeks and needs to pace himself.

Celebrating George's fish
The mild, clear morning is only a little hampered by a stiff breeze but I have little doubt on the fast dropping river we have there will be some good success on the river today.

Jack Selby