Friday 23 June 2017

What a day

Whilst yesterday was not spectacular in terms of numbers it was a stunner for George L. He was equal top rod with Gordon B and they landed 3 each. George returned from the river as if he owned it and celebrated well at supper. The team had landed only 3 by lunch and no one expected much for the afternoon but we ended on 11 fish despite only 6 rods venturing out.

George L at 3rd Island

Pana is still rising but despite this they managed to land a very respectable 19 fish for the day. It’s nice that after a tough season Matt gets to see the river performing at least somewhere near it’s potential.

George with a lovely fish from Sashas
King of the river
Middle had good fishing with their intrepid anglers putting in serious out of hours fishing. They landed 44 fish for their day with Craig C landing 14, Geoff and Findlay F landing 10 between them and everyone reporting a really strong showing of fish throughout the beats. Really encouraging for next week. Luckily my Visa allows me to stay… Maybe I should do a further week from Middle.

James D with a properly fresh fish
It seems almost ridiculous that 8 weeks ago I landed in snowy Murmansk to start the set up process and here I am a day away from heading home and it’s still only 4 degrees outside. Yesterday we clad Lucy in full waders and goretex jacket to brave the wind and rain and try for a salmon on Heli pool. Amazingly within 45 minutes she was shooting line with a perfectly executed double spey and by the end we had her firing out a long line with a snake roll. I could not have been more proud.

Lucy wadered up...
Perfect double spey
Here at Kitza we are finally on a dropping river and soon we will be back to where we started at the beginning of the week. Middle has now plateaued but they are at the same height as they started the season and Pana reported the river was still rising. We can only play with what we are dealt but it’s sad that we don’t have a few more weeks ahead to really see how the fishing fares once the rivers define themselves.

Seal damage
This is my last post from here and on Sunday morning I will be reporting remotely from home with updates supplied by middle manager Toby. It’s almost frightening to think I will have to readjust to “normal” civilisation and not travel everywhere by jet boat. It’s been emotional and quite educational this season and I will truly miss the camp, guides, staff and river here at Kitza. However I am no longer sure what “normal” means. I have heard this word used many times by repeating clients to describe the pools and where they have traditionally fished. This has not been a “normal” year on so many levels but we have all had a blast and really made the most of the opportunities we have been presented with.

Master of all he surveys
Lucy is once again wadering up and we are heading to Heli to try and get her a fish. She might even give me a casting lesson.

Jack Selby